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Reduce Storage Costs, Guaranteed!

We store & manage millions of documents for hundreds of customers at affordable rates!

View, email, & print your
documents right from the cloud!

A&A Records Storage and Data Management is the leader in records and information management in Southern Louisiana and the Acadiana market. A&A Records Storage and Data Management is a full-service record center and focuses strictly on the storage, imaging, and retention of your important company documents and media. A&A Records Storage and Data Management's goal is to securely and accurately provide superior service with very competitive pricing. New customers tell us frequently that our local team, service delivery and fair pricing is unmatched, even compared to our large publicly owned competitors. Contact us today to discuss your needs and experience the difference!

Go Paperless and store your documents in the cloud.

A&A operates a cloud based document website called Vaultview. This internet document repository will allow you to view your documents online anytime, anywhere!

Scan your documents to a digital format.

Reduce the time it takes to search for a document and increase your internal customer service delivery. Schedule a live demo today!

How long should I keep my documents?

A&A Records Storage and Data Management can help you develop a retention schedule that protects your organization and reduces your storage costs.